Anton Derlyatka
Managing Partner

Anton is a Senior Partner, Ward Howell Group and a founding partner of TEqV. He is actively involved in business of portfolio companies as a board member and mentor.
Anton has diverse business background in private and corporate sector. After 6 years in London in 2006 he returned to Moscow and has since been a key shareholder and partner with Ward Howell Group.
Anton has an MBA from London Business School and Master’s degree in Applied Math from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI).


Ilya Breyman
Managing Director
Ilya is a co-founder of TEqV. He is involved in pipeline management and actively works with portfolio companies on operational and strategic level. Ilya has diverse experience in startups, as early employee, founder, and advisor. At Ward Howell, he consults government, non-profits, universities, and VC community on human capital and heads Government and Non-Profit Practice.
Ilya holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Georgetown University.


Taras Polischuk
Taras is a Partner with TEqV. He is responsible for the analysis and research into potential and current investment opportunities as well as Industry analysis and development of the investment pipeline. Throughout his career, Taras participated in the development of executive teams for Russian and international companies, conducted multiple industry research assignments and consulting projects.
Taras obtained a master’s degree in Financial Management from Moscow State University and a bachelor’s degree in International Management from Touro College.